Training is MANDATORY for using our Solid State NMR Spectrometer.

If you are new to Solid State NMR, please contact NMR Staff ( for creating user account and for training.

The Chem NMR facility will assist with initial and one-off experiments, but in all other instances users are responsible for obtaining their own consumables, including packing tools.

Solid State NMR Consumables and Sample Preparation

Doty 4mm DI Rotors: 

200mg fine powder sample will fill these large rotors, and is preferred to get the best sensitivity. Spacers can be used in the rotor if you cannot provide 200 mg.  If you have Liquids or Semi-Solids for high-resolution-MAS, used of a Sealing Cell is required.

Paramagnetic or conductive samples present special issues for NMR, including in the solid-state. Consult NMR staff for sample preparation procedures that may enable the study of such compounds. 

A list of the consumables we recommend for use with the Doty 4mm probe is located here. You need to obtain your own packing tools.

Documentation at the Doty website is very good:

General description of rotors and caps

More details for the Doty 4mm DI-4 probe

Sample packing instructions for rotors and sealing cells

See our documentation on variable temperature (VT) using the Doty 4mm DI-4 probe for a table summarizing rotor thickness and cap material to limitations in spinning speed and variable temperature.

PhoenixNMR Rotors: 

1.2mm rotor parts: 10mg fine powder sample is needed and preferred to get the best sensitivity. Consult NMR staff if you have a semi-solid or gel-like sample.

Paramagnetic or conductive samples are usually not good for NMR. Please consult NMR staff for more detailed sample preparation procedure. 

A list of consumables we recommend for use with the Doty 4mm probe is located here. Purchasing your own packing tools is required. Except the rotor sleeve, other parts are perishable consumables. Please contact PhoenixNMR Sales to purchase your parts.

static holder parts: Consult NMR staff for details. Our machine shop can make these sample holders.